Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everything I Consume: The Vengeful Virgin

What kind of book is this? I'll tell you what kind of book it is. While comitting a murder the protagonist is interrupted by his obsessive, drunken ex-girlfriend. This is what happens:

I hit her. I hit her so hard she ran sideways across the lawn, and fell in a heap. I went over and yanked her to her feet. I hit her again. I let her have it hard. Then I turned, with her sobbing and moaning, and bent her arm up behind her back and ran her staggering out on the lawn. her car was parked behind the truck. It was a yellow Buick hardtop.

Anthony Boucher said it was, "a Cainlike story of greed, sex and murder, culminating in a retributive horror worthy of Jim Thompson." and who am I to argue with him?

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