Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fearless Predictions

Well, the Ducks did it! I'm 1-0 in Fearless Predictions. Now it's on to the NBA Championship. This is tricky because I don't watch a lot of basketball and I only say I like it to have something to talk to my friends about. But I'm feeling lucky after having the ball to pick Anaheim when they were down 1-2 in the Western Finals. So, here goes...

San Antonio has Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, multiple championships and plays in a tougher conference. Pretty much everyone say they're the better team. On the minus side, the only good thing to come out of Texas is the Dixie Chicks.

Cleveland has LeBron James, a 2-0 record against the Spurs this year and, most importantly, my wife and her family are from Cleveland. If my brother-in-law got me an academic copy of Quark for $99 how can I root against the Cavs?

Cleveland in five.

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