Friday, August 3, 2007

My Work Neighbor

I just had to listen to the woman in the next cube call up JDate to complain she had to fill out a profile to get the price for signing up.

Earlier today she was demanding she sit shotgun for the road trip she was taking this weekend. It seems she always has to sit in the middle of the back seat and is tired being "punished for being small".

Last week, she called the IT Department to get her iTunes upgraded because it didn't work with her new iPod. The she loudly complained to nobody in particular when they wouldn't do it.


Marie said...

I can't say this stuff elsewhere so I am saying it here.

I have a secretary who has, in the three weeks I have been here, brought her nephew to work once for an entire day, and brought her cousin to work once for an entire day. No clearing it in advance. Just showed up with them.

I have an employee who is outraged that another department has employees that make more than he does. I finally told him I would lower everyone's salary to his and that this would solve the problem. He is still grousing about it.

I went in some shops last night with a New Yorker who decided that "That would look delightful on you" and after offering me lots of shirts that I "should buy" got annoyed when I told her I wasn't interested in any of them.

And my art director is thinking of getting married because his mother wants him to, but he's worried because he has cats and most women believe that cats stop you from getting pregnant. Um, what??

Brett said...

No, cats just mean your wife makes you clean the litter box when she's trying to get pregnant.

the wife said...

And once she has the baby -- or a 4 year old...

Marie said...

And to top it all off, the guy who got fired decided that since the company is legally licensed to him (they are in the process of legally making it LLC), he would close the office and send the 15 employees home, holding the company hostage for his shares--theoretically worth $60,000 but not really worth anything since 1) they don't exist yet and 2) the company loses money hand over fist and the only way they're worth anything is if someone would agree to buy them for what they are theoretically worth.

And so I "stole" everything I could and ran with 15 employees to reconvene in the birthday room of a nearby McDonald's.

And now I get to reincorporate, sue the guy for our Macs (though I took the power cords and they are all password-protected), and start over.

I love Egypt.

Brett said...

I'm sure the Egyptian courts are as swift as our own.