Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morning Run

My latest obsession is I think the name is self-explanatory but it uses Google Maps to save and plan out runs, bike trips, walks, what have you. The map above is the run I did this morning over the Brooklyn Bridge and back. The view was spectacular even if the car noise made it hard to hear the interval cues on my podcast. I was surprised how many people were out before 6 AM including one drunken tourist I saw who was lying down on a bridge bench on my way to Manhattan and was stumbling around the running path (after vomiting on said bench) on the way back.

When I started running I was just going to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and back but as I've stretched it out I had to keep lapping the Promenade to fill up the run (my interval walk and run is now 58 minutes total with 44 minutes of running). The route is a little confusing if you don't zoom in but I went up Henry Street to Clark Street, crossed over to Cadman Plaza with its knee-saving running path up to the Brooklyn Bridge and back again through the park and down Clark Street to the Promenade north to the end then all the way back down to the southern end at Remsen Street, down Hoyt Street then Cheever Place and back to Henry Street.

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