Tuesday, June 17, 2008

79 Days Until Football Season

I've been filling what little sports time I've had this spring watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, listening to the Melrose Line, following European Cup soccer and even watching webcasts of the U.S. Open playoff but today I realized what I've really been doing is avoiding the Mets. All these things are poor substitutes for the one I really love. Reading about Willie Randolph's firing got me to admit what deep inside I already knew, that the Amazins are a franchise is disarray and 2006 was their last chance for a championship in long, long time.

Well, at least they're not owned by this guy.

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Buppa said...

Wait a minute, you're not watching the NBA Playoffs? YOU are obsessing over following European Cup soccer and webcasts of the U.S. Open playoff? Hello! This is a GREAT series you have entirely missed! Still waiting for the Knicks and Mets? Pathetic! GO CELTICS