Monday, February 4, 2008

Probably the Last Thing I'll Write About Football for Awhile

I wore a pair of swimming trunks instead of underwear last night. They were the pair I wore two weeks ago when the Giants beat the Packers so I had to wear them again. I know the things I do have no effect on something happening thousands of miles away but I do them anyway. For awhile I muted the game because the Giants defense was doing so well with the sound off. In the first half I kept leaning forward during third downs and later I grabbed the remote control during big plays with and only with my right hand. This looks crazy as I read it but you probably do the same thing or know people who do them and feel no need to lock them up. Why? Do we really believe there's some mystical bond? Is it a desire to be involved in a contest we have so much invsted in but can't affect? Even if I knew I'd probably still do it.

Will Leitch expressed better than I can how great last night's game was as a game. As a Giants fan it was greater than great, perhaps Guuuhhhhhhhrrrr-eat-t-t. The game was like a movie football game with dramatic swings and impossible plays and I was the fan at home they cut away to, cheering in the first half and slumped on the couch during the Patriots' final drive, certan that there was no way the Giants could come back and win the Super Bowl. After Manning's amazing pass and Tyree's catch I turned to The Wife with a slack-jawed look I swear I have never made before and doubt I will ever make again. When Burress caught the touchdown dizziness set in. It's hard to say what happened after that.

I'm beat. I'll be taking a vacation from sports until April. Oh, unless I get the NHL Center Ice preview again, that was awesome.

I hate to kick people when they're down (even though It's far more efficient because they're closer to your foot) but this made me laugh.

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