Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend Recap

I just had a great birthday weekend. Saturday was my cousin Bret's (the other, less-t'd Brett as I like to call him) Bar Mitzvah in New Jersey. It was great to see everyone but nobody loves Bar Mitzvah kitsch more than a four-year-old girl. Gwendolyn scored numerous glowsticks, sunglasses and a flag bandanna. Well, played, Miss G!

Sunday was my actual birthday and I got some great goodies including a My Little Pony birthday card from Gwendolyn, a Macbook (thanks to The Wife, The Mother-In-Law and Walt!) and the birthday cake with banana filling I'd been hinting I wanted since November. I finished off the day by watching The Seventh Victim with director's commentary. It's been over a year but I've almost finished my Val Lewton DVD box set. I've had it so long they've re-released it with a new documentary.

Birthdays are great but are always kind of weird when they're over. When they're good it feels jarring to go back to an ordinary day and when they're bad it feels like you wasted a once-a-year opportunity. Whatever, off to steal Wi-fi from my neighbors.


The Wife said...

So was it a good/jarring birthday? Or more of a wasted one... and btw, if you're so close to finishing off Val Lewton, we can make time to watch the rest!

Brett said...

It was a great birthday!

The Wife said...