Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's New In Old-Time Radio

I was a bit down last month thinking Humphrey/Camardella Productions and their podcasts of old-time radio had disappeared (thanks for nothing Google) but it looks like they merely re-organized. Instead of one podcast with everything under the sun they've split everything into multiple thematic podcasts. Right now, I'm subscribing to The Jack Benny Show Podcast, Old Time Radio Comedy (which has the superior 40s and 50s Jack Benny Shows instead of the 1930s shows currently on The Jack Benny Show Podcast), Old Time Radio Mystery, X Minus One Podcast and my favorite, I Was a Communist for the FBI. They're all great and if you type Humphrey/Camardella into iTunes you'll find lots of great old broadcasts, all free thanks to our ambiguous copyright laws. If those aren't enough I also like Case Closed and The Old-Time Dragnet Podcast.

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