Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom*

There's a company bigwig from Boston office who they stick in an office across from my cube for whenever he's in New York. For the last ten minutes he's been on the phone arguing with his mother because he can't be with her on Mother's Day. He kind of has a point since he saw her the last two weekends and has his own kids (Really, I can hear everything). But they're going back and forth and it's getting kind of heated. She seems very insistent that it's a special day and he needs to be there.

Several years ago when I was taking the bus to Washington to see my future The Wife I really wanted to see her on Mother's Day weekend. So I called my Mom and explained the situation and we had Mother's Day a week early in an empty restaurant. It was was lot of fun and she told me she had a great time. I think she got a kick out of doing Mother's Day early.

Sometimes she gives me a hard time but Mom, you're all right.

*I know the odds are microscopic that my mother will actually read this but I'll tell her, I promise.

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