Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything I Consume: The Subtle Knife

The biggest surprise in this book was that there actually was a subtle knife. I mean, it sounded like a metaphor so I was pretty surprised when it showed up. Anyway, this was an enjoyable sequel to The Golden Compass, which I loved. The book starts in "our world" and spends a lot of time here which is quite a shock after Golden Compass' fantasy world of deamons, talking polar bears and zeppelins.

Being an atheist in 2008 is like being a lesbian in 1995. This is our moment, especially if you look at the best-seller lists filled with the un-holy trinity of Hitchens, Harris and Dawkins. I don't know why this is happening. Maybe people are finding courage to admit their beliefs in an increasingly theocratic world. Maybe people are waking up. Maybe it's just fashion.

While we're on the subject check out this article on my man, Nick Clegg, new head of the Liberal Democratic Party in the UK. He admits he doesn't believe in God and he's opposed to the Iraq War. Imagine someone saying this in the US! I know the Lib Dems aren't going anywhere but still I wish he could get my vote.

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