Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Everything I Consume: Sh! The Octopus

Well, this was a terrible movie. There was an impressive amount of irresponsible shooting, women screaming and cases of mistaken identity. Much of the dialogue goes like this:
Dempsey: What's your business, mister?
Morgan: I'm a marine painter. There's some paintings of mine behind you if you doubt it.
Dempsey: Painter, huh? Where's your palate? Kelly, see if you can find his palate.
Kelly: Open your mouth, open your mouth.
Dempsey: No! What do you think he paints, tonsils? You now an artist's palate, one of them stands they put paintings on.
Kelly: Oh, a weasel.

It's all supposed to be silly and over the top but at less then an hour it still felt stretched and forced. Here's a detailed critique and plot summary. This is the website of a Michigan band named Sh! The Octopus.

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