Monday, April 7, 2008


Do you know who Ryan Getzlaff, Tom Gilbert, Dion Phaneuff, Wade Redden and Stephane Robidas are? Well, neither did I but they're players on the team I just beat to win my fantasy hockey league!

I had no idea what I was doing when I started my league but I found this great site with a great draft cheat sheet and had an amazing draft. The rest is history. Hopefully, I can remember the site before next season. With a little research, the desire to have a good time and some dumb luck to can triumph. I just proved it.

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a t-shirt to celebrate. Should it be Nicklas Lidstrom, the greatest defenseman in the word whose two power-play goals on the final day of the season put me over the top or Dominik Hasek, streaky living legend who single-handedly won my semi-final matchup and won a crucial game on the last day of the season or Niklas Backstrom, my high-scorer and a steady workhorse down the stretch?


Anonymous said...

Dumb Luck, sounds like the Giants! All 3 should be on the Tee.

Brett said...

Y'know there's an old expression at the race track, when you're standing in line to cash in your winning tickets it doesn't matter how how you got there.

Anonymous said...

AH SO, you admit it WAS dumb luck!