Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Morning

Woke up at 5:15 for my run and started week 6 of my Couch Potato to 5K Running Plan. I recommend it and it's easy to follow using this podcast. I tend to start too fast and burn out so the podcast has been a huge help. There's lots of cheesy dance music in the background but I've gotten kind of numb to that at this point.

Saw a lot of storm damage from last night and I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera. According to NY1 there were 70 MPH winds in Brooklyn Heights. My entire running route was littered with leaves and twigs. At one spot on the Brooklyn Promenade a 10-foot branch had fallen and a 15-footer was almost blocking the Clark Street entrance.

Later this morning I walked my daughter to pre-school and Eagle Eye Gwendolyn saw a snail on the ground. Eventually we found four! Check them out:

I think this guy was dead.

I scared him back into his very nice shell.

You can see the head on this one!

Gwendolyn was all excited to tell her teacher, Zoe, about the snails. Zoe told me she'd been telling the class to look for snails but no one had seen any yet.

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