Monday, May 14, 2007

Dubious Wikipedia Entries #1

Ed. Note: I've been going through my old, furtive attepts at blogs and found this doozy. I'm sure fans of Rosebud Henri Withmustard will remember it well.

From the entry for 19th century heavyweight champion Gentleman Jim Corbett.

Corbett's great, great, great, nephew was a Texas heavyweight from San Antonio named Dan Corbett who won an amateur national title at Ft. Bragg and two pro titles (USBF & IBO) before retiring in the mid 1990's. Dan Corbett left the sport with a 12-0 record (11 KO's) despite enjoying the beginning of an incredibly successful & lucrative career. At his retirement, Dan Corbett stated it was time to get out of boxing while his brains were still intact. Many boxing historians viewed Dan Corbett at the time as the answer to the Jerry Quarry's of the 1970's, the Gerry Cooney's of the 1980's, and the Tommy Morrison's of the early 1990's who failed to capture the heavyweight title. Many boxing experts felt that Dan Corbett retired at a time when he could have defeated the likes of Mike Tyson and Evandor Hoyfield and become the first "Billion-Dollar" heavyweight champion in the boxing history.

Emphasis added.

Yeah, Dan Corbett would have beaten Evandor Hoyfield but Evander Holyfield would have kicked his ass. Anyway, I guess "many" is San Antonio slang for "myself".

Upon further review the above has turned out to be an archived page. This is the current entry.

Corbett is the subject of Gentleman Jim, a personal favorite and one of the finest boxing films ever made. I have fond memories of watching it late one night on TV with my brother when we were both kids.

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