Monday, November 26, 2007

What the Hell Happened to Star Trek?

So, I'm forcing my family to watch Space Seed last night and I noticed that all the special effects have been redone. All the shots of the Enterprise and the Botany Bay look like CGI. It's very disconcerting since I grew up thinking spaceships were grainy and you could see the boxes around their mattes. What the hell happened? I could Google it but since I haven't gotten any comments in ages I'm counting on you, the fans.

By the way, Star Trek needs to be released on DVD with a commentary by Gwendolyn. Who wouldn't want to watch a show with this in the background:

"Daddy, which ones are the good guys? Is he a good guy? Where are they going? Now, where are they going? Which ship are they on? Which one is the bad guy? Who's he? Is everyone in a red shirt shirt a bad guy? Is he the leader? Why did he hit him? Is she a bad guy?"


Marc Siry said...

Mattes? I thought those were the shields!!!

What you're seeing is 'Star Trek Remastered.' It's all good- they fixed some cheeseball graphics dictated by budget and time pressures the first time around, and best of all- the Gorn get a ship!

Brett said...

I hope they fixed the giant boulder that moves when Spock leans on it.